Icon Advanced Pack Software Upgrade for SB-100 Pro Only

Icon Advanced Pack Software Upgrade for SB-100 Pro Only
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  • Icon Advanced Pack Software Upgrade for SB-100 Pro Only

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Icon Advanced Pack Employee time software Upgrade for SB-100 PRO Only

The Advanced Pack upgrades the SB-100 PRO 2.0 to have all of the functionality of the RTC-1000 2.0 Universal Time Clock.

This upgrade includes:

  • 50 total employee capacity
  • Track Notes by the Punch, employee, or Department (requires Management Plus upgrade).
  • Create Custom Reports*
  • Customize employee ID (PIN) number*
  • Customized Systems Prompts*
  • Connect multiple time clocks using the Multi-clock feature

* If you have an older SB-100 the following 2.0 clock upgrade is also required

The Advanced Pack upgrades a SB-100 PRO time clock with all the software functionalities of a base RTC-1000 V2.5 time clock. This Includes:

  • Employee capacity expansion from 25 users to 50 users
  • Customized Employee PIN numbers to clock IN/OUT
  • Record/track notes by employee punch, for tracking specific notes or reasons for adjustments
  • Ability to network up to 16 RTC-1000 time clocks (or 250 ee cap) over network or Internet


  • Web Punch module including a set of 5 employee licenses
  • Track and calculate tips, jobs or piece counts
  • Create Report option to allow custom report filters to track tardy punches and more
  • Password-protected multi-supervisor login with customized permission level settings to assign employees by supervisor and more
  • Sort, track and categorize employees by up to 32 departments
  • Additional Reports include Timecard by Department, Department Report

Management Plus (No Longer available)

This optional software upgrade is no longer available as it is now included as a standard feature of a RTC-1000 V2.5 time clock. Following are ways to get the Management Plus features:

  • Existing RTC-1000 1.0 and 2.0 customers: Download V2.5 software for free
  • Existing SB-100 PRO 1.0 and 2.0 customers:  Buy Advanced Pack (aka RTC-1000 upgrade)
  • New RTC-1000 V2.5 time clock customers: Included standard

Benefit Tracking (Formerly Rules Plus)

  • Benefit Tracking and Accruals
  • Track Sick, Vacation and Personal Time Off
  • Customizable OT1 and OT2 Multipliers
  • NEW: Set revision zones by up to 32 departments
  • REMOVED: Track employee hours worked offsite with Non-Work Hours (This feature is now available standard with both PRO and RTC model)


Email Alerts (FORMERLY Mobility Pack)

  • Alerts are proactively emailed to designated email address (es).
  • SSL Data Encryption for added data security and ideal for businesses using the remote connection option available with both PRO and RTC models.


A unique product differentiator, the Web Punch feature is ideal for tracking employees, who work off-site or at remote location(s).

  • Sold in sets of 5 employee licenses for a one-time cost. Maximum 25 ee licenses per system
  • Licenses can be reused and reassigned to different employees, as desired
  • Allows designated employees, from the Employee List, to clock IN/OUT using web browser
  • Requires Network or Remote Connection to support this optional punch method
  • Setup IP Restriction to prevent time clock fraud
  • GPS verification for employees using an iPhone, iPad and Android making it ideal to track remote/mobile employees
  • NEW: Base RTC-1000 V2.5 Time Clock package will now include 1 Web Punch module

Employee Capacity Expansion

Another unique product differentiator of the Universal Time Clock product line is that the software is built into the time clock, which makes it ready to be used out-of-the- box because there’s no software to install.
Following are the pre-determined employee capacity tiers available for Universal Time Clocks:

  • 25 employee capacity:  Included with SB-100 PRO
  • 50 employee capacity: Included with RTC-1000
  • 100 employee capacity
  • 250 employee capacity


  • Custom Employee PIN number (3 ? 9 digits)
  • Custom System Prompts
  • Custom Employee Display ID

Version 2.0 Conversion (No Longer Available)

  • Only applicable to SB-100 PRO 1.0 and RTC-1000 1.0 time clock users.

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