Xitel SS-POR-ENG mySAFE Portable SmartSafe

Xitel SS-POR-ENG mySAFE Portable SmartSafe
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  • Xitel SS-POR-ENG mySAFE Portable SmartSafe

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Can you afford to lose your cell phone, car keys, iPod, Blackberry, PDA, camera, GPS, Bluetooth headset, sunglasses, watch, jewellery, wallet, purse or credit cards to opportunistic thieves? Not only can these be expensive, they may also carry important personal information that''s difficult to replace and could compromise your security. Portable SmartSafe is a revolutionary new lockbox designed to protect your valuables. Its unique, patent pending design combines a strong combination lock with a sophisticated motion alarm to keep your personal items exactly where you left them. Don''t be fooled by the simple exterior - mySAFE''s Motion Monitoring Technology intelligently scans for interference. If tampered with while armed, a loud 102dB alarm goes off! No need to worry about accidental bumps - Portable SmartSafe knows what''s a threat, and what''s not. Added protection for everyday locations: mySAFE''s Motion Monitoring Technology was developed after extensive research into areas of high theft. Our unique alarm system protects valuables in busy environments without creating unnecessary false alarms. Unlike other security products, mySAFE''s revolutionary technology accurately measures both movement and direction. This not only lets Portable SmartSafe determine real threats from accidental bumps, it also allows for three different levels of alarm sensitivity. When a real threat occurs, the loud alarm draws attention quickly, disturbing thieves who may have otherwise walked away unnoticed. Keep your valuables safe: At the beach or pool; in a hotel room; in a gym or school locker; in a college dorm; at your workstation; on vacation; at summer camp; at sports training; in any bag or suitcase; in your RV or car. All new Motion Monitoring Technology: Portable SmartSafe is a revolutionary new lockbox with an advanced motion alarm built to work in demanding situation

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